The official website of the book SEX WITH STRANGERS by CHRIS MADOCH

Chris Madoch's self-illustrated book is a collection of contentious and challenging short stories and flash fiction for adults that has been seven years in the making. Many of the longer stories have been previously published in Paraphilia Magazine [Now The Paraphilia Periodical]- an online arts magazine.


The content of the book really is contentious and challenging and, without apology, not for the faint hearted.


Just think. You could have been lovers for 10yrs but still be strangers to each other. You could be the victim of sexual rape. Your thing could be the kick you get from 'anonymous' sex, al-fresco dogging encounters, purchasing the services of nameless prostitutes of both sexes.

You could be being trapped by convention- so much so that freedom has become a stranger to you.

You could be the victim of abuse or some other sexually orientated crime.

You could be crippled.

You could be pure evil through and through.

Chris Madoch touches on it all in this very revealing book of literary stories lavishly illustrated in his own inimitable way.



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REMARKABLE CRITIQUE from MADOCH's active 'detractors'. Makes their actions appear phenomenally foolish. LOL.

07/08/2013 09:02
'QUOTES ON MY WRITING BY DAVE MITCHELL and DIRE McCAIN. [DM had committed to publishing the book...

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Today SEX WITH STRANGERS comes out of the shadows and is free-to-access, free-to-read. Enjoy it.


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This website contains the full content of an illustrated book of short literary fiction written by...


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